UFS investigates alleged racism incident amid threats of unrest

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The management of the University of Free State says that it is investigating the alleged incident of racism at its main campus in Bloemfontein.

The investigations come amid a warning by the Student Representative Council (SRC) that failure to deal with the matter could lead to unrest.

A black student was allegedly called a baboon by a white student.

A number of black students have accused the university of trying to keep the incident under wraps and also failing to act on the matter that happened almost two weeks ago.

SRC President at the University of Free State, Axola Toto says, “The ground is very much polarised. We told them that this case cannot be kept under the carpet. We are calling for an immediate suspension of the individuals who are perpetuating racism.”

He adds: “After multiple engagements, we also told them that if they did not do it in 48-hours as the students demand, there would be unrest on the campus. This term of referring to people as baboons, it dates back from the dark days of this country, black people were referred to as baboons. Calling someone a baboon comes with all injustices of the past, that have not been rectified yet.”

VIDEO: SRC President at the University of Free State, Axola Toto, speaks to SABC News

Incidents of racism pushed UFS into the limelight 15 years ago, when female women cleaners were coerced by white male students to take part in races and later given beer laced with urine. The incident caused a national uproar.