Two Zim contenders to hold final rallies ahead of elections

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Millions of Zimbabweans are gearing up for the general elections on Monday with optimism for a free and fair process.

The streets are painted with posters from the 55 political parties taking part in these elections the first, since the resignation of former president, Robert Mugabe late last year.

The two major contenders, ZANU-PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa and the MDC Alliance leader, Nelson Chamisa will hold their final rallies over the weekend.

On Thursday, both parties met with their supporters in Harare, where they were gunning up for support ahead of the polls.

Economic development has been a focal point for many parties during their campaign trails in Zimbabwe.

The political parties are promising to change the situation around, allow investors to come leading the country into regaining its former glory of being a food basket within the SADC region.

Independent Economist, Persistence Gwanyanya says that won’t happen overnight, but will need a maximum commitment from both the winning party in the elections and the greater Zimbabwean community.

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