African National Congress (ANC) National Spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa says this 54th elective conference could emerge with two Deputy-Secretaries General. He says they have resolved not to have two deputy presidents as was proposed during the policy conference in June this year.

Kodwa says delegates will make a decision on the issue when the nomination process resumes late Sunday afternoon. He elaborates on how the nomination process will unfold.

“The one of the two deputy presidents has been rejected, the status core remains. We will have the president and the deputy president in terms of presidency. What has become now which we are going test whether it has sufficiency or not is whether do we need two deputy secretaries and there is a strong motivation for two deputy secretary generals. It is only that issue which will determined what happens. After around 5 we will start with the nomination, we are unable to proceed with nomination because it deals with the structure of nomination.”

Meanwhile, the sitting has decided to expand the powers given to the integrity commission, in a bid to deal decisively with corruption. ANC national spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa says the establishment of this commission in Mangaung saw it having some limitations on how it deals with the perception of corruption within the ANC and government.

He says they will now go as far as Parliament to deal with corrupt deployees in the national assembly and those serving in government. Kodwa says they are determined to fight corruption within the ruling party.

“We are worried about the perception of corruption to the brand of the African National Congress. We established the integrity commission, it has done its work but there are limitations to it. We think that we must give more powers to it so that it must bite. So that whenever there is corruption, it must deal with our officials in parliament and in government, they must be dealt with and it must deal with fly and tigers – officials and principals. The perception that we are not dealing in the same manner with officials and principals – it’s important to do so.”

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