Services have been halted at Tswaing Local Municipality in the North West after workers and councillors were not paid their monthly salaries. There are severe cash flow problems after the municipality’s assets were attached when it ignored a court order to pay debts owed to a company called Kuyalunga Traffic Solutions.

Workers vow to only return to work after being paid.

But opposition parties say the municipality must be dissolved.

“I think there has to be a total new administration. It has to be elected because the current administration is not doing their work. We received payslips last week,  our meeting that was postponed also, but we didn’t get money and that is fraud,” says Democratic Alliance (DA) Councillor Yvonne Taljaard.

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Councillor Elsie Kgasu says, “The EFF is willing to put the motion against the Mayor and the Speaker, together with the Municipal Manager because they are not helping this municipality.”