Tshegofatso Pule murder trial resumes on Tuesday with Shoba back on the stand

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Tshegofatso Pule murder accused, Ntuthuko Shoba, is expected back on the stand at the High Court in Johannesburg on Tuesday. Shoba has denied that he gave convicted murderer, Muzi Malepane any orders to kill Pule.

Muzi Malepane admitted to killing Pule but said it was under Shoba’s orders. Shoba has denied that he gave convicted murderer Malepane any orders to kill Pule. Shoba says he only contacted Malepane for cigarettes as they were banned during the hard lockdown.

“I wouldn’t even call it a relationship, he was an acquaintance. I got his number from my friend Sbusiso, Swagger because I wanted cigarettes. I met with Muzi on the 4th of June 2020 to buy cigarettes . I arrived in my vehicle, I parked at his house and he came out. He gave me a carton,” says Shoba.


Shoba on moments before Pule’s death

Shoba also recalled the moments before Pule left his home on a fateful night.

Dressed in a black suit and black shirt, his leg shackles were removed so he could be comfortable on the witness stand. Shoba says he met Pule in 2018, however, he was in a relationship with his long term partner – who at the time he was preparing to pay lobola for.

Shoba says the affair led to Tshegofatso falling pregnant at the beginning of 2019, but says they both decided to terminate. When she fell pregnant for the second time he told her that termination was not an option this time around.

“I warmed up to it, I was shocked but I warmed up to it. From the time she told me she was expecting, I took on the responsibility.  I would pay for the doctor’s appointment. If I was unavailable, I would organise transport for her. I got excited once I knew I was going to be a dad. We gave her a nickname, big head from the scan because she had a big head, and we joked about it,” says Shoba.

However he says he did not tell his fiancé that he had impregnated another woman.

Shoba says Pule arrived at his house later that evening after 6pm so they could compile a list of items for the baby. He said they were relaxed, had takeaways and spoke about the baby girl, who Tshego had named Kamano.

“Tshego was very liking to clothes and she wanted the nicest things for Kamano . Kamano is the daughter that would have back out of the pregnancy. Tshego gave her the name Kamano and I had initially said Ntombikayise which means daddy’s girl,” says Shoba.


Tshegofatso Pule Murder | Convicted killer Muzi Malepane admits to being paid R70 000 for the hit


Shoba’s defence has put forward a discharge application in the High Court in Johannesburg. Defence lawyer Norman Makhubela says the state doesn’t have a water-tight case.

Makhubela has applied for a discharge saying there is no reliable evidence that the accused committed the offense.

He says the state relied on convicted murder, Muzikayise Malephane who he says is not a credible witness.

The defence lawyer also says the cyber-related evidence is inconclusive.

Makhubela poked holes at the way the investigation was handled, saying Pule received messages on her phone, one threat and the other for a job interview, however, the police did not check who those numbers belonged to.

He also says police did not find the phone with the disputed number.

Shoba is expected back on the stand on Tuesday.