United States President Donald Trump has written a letter to the African Union (AU) saying he expresses deep compliments to all the African Heads of State gathered in Ethiopia for the AU  summit in Ethiopia.

The letter comes after harsh remarks by president Trump, calling African countries ‘shit hole’ countries earlier this month that led the African Union to demand for an apology.

It says the US president profoundly respects the partnerships and values shared by the U.S. and Africans and that the president’s commitment to strong relationships with African nations is firm.

The African Union has condemned Trump’s recent actions as being a reason to exclude Africa.

The AU chairperson Mahammat Faki Moussa says apart from his recent harsh remarks, the declaration by Trump that Jerusalem be capital City of Israel and his deciding to cut funding for peace keeping missions all directly affect Africa.

In his letter, US president Trump says the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is set to visit four to six African countries in March.