There is a glimmer of hope in Sudan peace process: Mbeki

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Former President Thabo Mbeki says there is a glimmer of hope in relation to the peace process in Sudan.

Mbeki, who was also appointed by African Union as the chairperson of the AU High Level Panel on Sudan, says there is a possibility that the Regional Body Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) can broker peace between warring factions in Sudan.

The conflict has left thousands homeless, and hundreds have been killed since the conflict started two months ago.

Mbeki says there is a movement in finding peace in this war

“IGAD had their summit not long ago and decided to take on this matter of Sudan. I have spoken to President Ruto who is leading that team of negotiators. I think we are going to get a movement with regard to the Sudan matter particularly under the leadership of IGAD.”

Ukraine and Russia conflict 

Meanwhile, Mbeki says the African Peace Mission in Ukraine and Russia must listen to the concerns raised by both countries, so that their intervention can be objective and fruitful.

He was speaking to the journalists during his 81st birthday celebration in Johannesburg on Sunday.

The African Mission met with Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President, Vladimir Putin over the weekend.

Mbeki has defended South Africa’s non-aligned position in relation to the war in Ukraine.

“If you want to be a mediator, you can’t start by condemning one side or the other. You got to say, first of all, let’s sit down, silence the guns, and let’s talk. It is during the negotiations that you can then say you were wrong, you were right. You can’t start there. So, this neutral position in that sense is correct.”