Taung residents believe protests are acts of criminality

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Residents in Taung believe the protests in the area are pure acts of criminality.  Violent protests erupted in Taung on Monday, leaving a trail of destruction.

“People, who are responsible for this, do not have the reasons why they did this and what is more frustrating is, whatever happened affected everyone in Taung, including the most fragile, including the elders,” says Taung Crime Watch Chairperson, Peggy Molatlhe.

Foreign nationals fled the village after their shops were looted and damaged. Residents are frustrated as there is now nowhere to buy basic necessities.

“We don’t have any shops at the moment. We don’t have any more to go because the foreign nationals have been targeted and attacked,” says Molatlhe.

Some are worried about children taking part in the protests.  “Young people were used to do those crimes and they were used by their parents. But as leaders, what are we saying about those young people,” says Taung Youth Club’s Charity Kujane.

The N18 in Dryharts linking Vryburg and Taung remains barricaded.

Meanwhile the Independent Police Directorate in the North West is investigating a case of murder following the violent protests in Taung.

A fifteen-year-old boy died in the crossfire between police and residents on Monday. Police say the body was only discovered after they dispersed the crowd.

An SABC television crew was robbed of all its equipment and personal belongings while covering protests in Jouberton, outside Klerksdorp, North West.

The crew was attacked by a large group of men at a local petrol station.