‘Support for ANC during elections not a blank cheque’

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Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) deputy general-secretary, Solly Phetoe says the workers’ support for the African National Congress (ANC) in the upcoming elections, is not a blank cheque for the party to maintain the status quo, but to change the conditions that workers are facing in the country.


Phetoe addressed the May Day Rally at James Motlatsi Stadium in Orkney in the North West on Wednesday.

“Cosatu 13th National Conference reaffirmed Cosatu’s position to support the ANC but supporting the ANC is not only a blank cheque. You know that workers in this country are facing challenges of unemployment rate. But also, we (want to) send the message to the ANC government that those who are not complying with the laws of this country must face the music,” adds Phetoe.

Some of the workers who attended the celebrations, say they are facing frustrations daily.


“Pension funds for workers are not paid in time; therefore we think that we would like the government to do better. Workers’ Day is very much important for all of us. I think the government must emphasise this thing for farmworkers so that everyone can celebrate it. We are facing very difficult challenges as employees of banks, you know there is a lot of retrenchments going on in banking institutions,” some of the workers say..