SuperSport to decide on rugby analysts fate

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Broadcaster, SuperSport will on Tuesday shed light on the future of rugby analysts and former Springboks Ashwin Willemse, Nick Mallett and Naas Botha. This follows an investigation after Willemse walked out of the studio during a live broadcast more than a month ago.

Willemse, who was an in-studio analyst with Mallet and Botha, walked out the studio following a live broadcast of a Superugby match between the Lions and the Brumbies at Ellis Park.

Just before he walked out, he said he was labelled a quota player all his life and was tired of being patronised by two players who played for the Springboks in the apartheid era.

The three have since not been on air while an independent investigation into the saga was underway.
Willemse has reportedly testified before advocate Vincent Maleka who led the investigation into the reasons for the walk-out.

SuperSport will brief the media today regarding the outcome of the investigation. It is believed the three will be retained, but split with Willemse apparently taken on an on-field analysis role.