Students can apply for payment plans to cover registration fee: UWC

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The University of the Western Cape (UWC) says students who register for the 2021 academic year will be allowed to apply for payment plans to cover their registration.

Students with outstanding debt will also be allowed to register, after they sign an acknowledgment of debt form.

UWC Spokesperson, Gasant Abarder, says they’ve received 110 000 first year applications, but can only accept 4 500 students. He says they’ll commence with classes next Monday.

“Our students have up until the 12th of March to register. Now we financially cleared all of our students, to try and speed up the process, we see that as a very progressive note and all lectures will continue online for the first semester and then it will be re-assessed,” says Abarder.

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Meanwhile, Wits University says it has received over 70 000 applications from would-be first year students, but it only has 5 000 spaces available.

The university says it has enrolled 35 000 students overall for this academic year.

With COVID-19 and lockdown regulations, the university will still maintain virtual learning and teaching especially during the first semester.

Wits Spokesperson, Shirona Patel, says late registration will take place until mid-March.

“We look forward to welcoming our students online and virtually, we have invested tremendous amounts of effort and resources into a new learning management system and integrated devices to help students to learn online. Wits has had about 70 000 applications for 5000 first year spaces, the majority of these have been taken. Wits is confident that we will kick off the academic calendar and we wish all students and staff all the best for the year ahead,” says Patel.

The institution is embroiled in a standoff with student leaders over possible financial exclusion of students with historic debt.

Student leaders, including the SRC, are galvanising support and raising funds to ensure that no student is left behind as the institution kicks off the academic year.

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