Tourists are flocking to KwaZulu-Natal South Coast for the popular sardine run. The massive shoals of sardines are expected to swim past the area northwards. They have already been spotted in the Port St Johns area.

Many are eagerly waiting for the arrival of large shoals of sardines.

“We are waiting we here, they are in Port St Johns few day back so we expect them anytime you can see the whale is come lot here.”

This natural phenomenal attracts tourists, while boosting the economy of the area.

South Coast Tourism CEO, Phelisa Mancu, says the sardine run is just one in a variety of tourist attractions on the South Coast.

“The sardine run is part of the family of activities that we have on the south coast; particularly around this winter period because sardines come in loads, and in good numbers. People come with their buckets to get the sardines and it has become an attraction for the south coast. People come to the south coast just to experience the sardines, seeing them coming in and just the rsuh around catching. It’s an event that happens in different beaches – from Port Edward going up to Hibberdene towards Durban, we have that even that is taking place.”



Meanwhile, plans are afoot to include Shobashobane in the South Coast tourist package. 19 people were killed there on Christmas day in 1995 at the height of ANC/IFP political violence where over 20 000 people were killed.