The Home Affairs Department is calling on South Africans to make inputs by the end of February on the draft Identity Management Policy.

The policy proposal is aimed at strengthening the department’s core duties which include managing the birth, marriage and death records, as well as eradicating identity theft.

Currently, the system is tainted with fraud and corruption making it possible for anyone to get South Africa’s official documents through fraudulent means.

Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi says, “We need to get more advanced as systems become more sophisticated and as theft and corruption also increase. We are trying to move to a new biometric system which can store five of your biometrics not only fingerprints and photos. But fingerprints, photo, palm prints, iris recognition, facial recognition and your photo, meaning it can recognise you through your iris that’s what some of the things we’re trying to do.”

Public to give inputs on proposed identity management policy