SAMA angry at government’s approach on striking unemployed doctors

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The South African Medical Association says it is disappointed by how government has handled the protests by doctors seeking to be placed in posts.

The unemployed doctors staged a sit-in at the KwaZulu-Natal Health offices in Pietermaritzburg.

They have vowed not to move until they have appointment letters.

KwaZulu-Natal unemployed doctors’ protest:

The doctors have not been placed, despite a commitment made by the health minister to place them by the first of April.

“The South African Medical Association is deeply saddened and disappointed by the approach that government has taken in as far as addressing the concerns that are raised by these unemployed doctors,” says SAMA Chairperson, Mvuyisi Mzukwa.

“This was a promise made by the minister in parliament, that come the first of April- these doctors will be absorbed into the system. We know how the challenges are in the system, the dire shortages of healthcare workers – especially doctors, and in the rural areas. But now we have these smart, young, qualified medical doctors who are sitting at home, who have been trained here in our country,” adds Mzukwa.