South Africa not ready for legislation on coalitions: Expert

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The Public Policy Specialist from Wits University, Dr TK Pooe says South Africa is not ready for legislation on coalitions.

This as political parties, civil society organisations gather at the University of the Western Cape for a two-day dialogue aimed at developing a legal framework to govern coalitions.

Dr Pooe elaborates, “I think it becomes problematic in a country like South Africa where we are over legislated for many things. So I would argue that we probably need to work it out as a pact for the next two or three years, especially when you putting thresholds, to say next year 2024 you are almost locking those poor parties out.

“I think we should work towards a pact and then in the next two or three years, decide out of this pact what have we found to be working, that we can legislate. At the moment to go quick legislation, I think it’s bit too early.”

National Dialogue on Coalition Governments:

Dr TK Pooe has also greed with the Democratic Alliance’s proposal to limit the number of motions of no confidence tabled in a year.

The DA Chief Whip Siviwe Gwarube made a presentation at the National Dialogue on Coalition Governments at the University of the Western Cape.

The two-day dialogue, convened by Deputy President and Leader of Government Business Paul Mashatile, aims to develop a legal framework to govern coalitions.

Dr Pooe says this will not necessarily take away council’s ability to hold the executive to account.

“It cannot be every little issue that comes to the table cause sometimes, and this is what I think maybe the citizens have a problem, a lot of these motions are not really what you term substantive in the material that they’re put forward.
So maybe what I would like also to add into this, is that we kind of need to have an understanding of how you get to a motion of no confidence. I think it should be based upon, not to break political deadlocks but to simply say look these parties are unable to put a budget together, that there’ve been gross corruption, it should be those substantive issues, not that this one and we don’t get along therefore lets try find a different broker using a motion of no confidence.”