South Africa-Lesotho immigration model under review

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Basotho visiting South Africa may be able to stay longer than the current 30 days per visit which is currently the South African law.

This was announced by Lesotho Prime Minister Sam Matekane following a Bi-National Commission between the two countries in Pretoria.

Matekane welcomed discussions aimed at putting in place a South Africa-Lesotho-specific immigration model.

He says Basotho may be able to stay for 90 days per visit should engagements proceed well.

“We are also delighted that we were able to discuss the daily issues of concern around migration study and work permits for our citizens and do hope that the remaining issues will be resolved in the coming months.”

Matekane adds: “We also appreciate the positive discussions around the possible extension of the entry visa for Basotho into South Africa from a 30-day visa per visit to a 90-day visa per visit. This gesture will go a long way to resolving some of the challenges relating to the cross-border movement of our people.”

The video below reports more on President Cyril Ramaphosa hosting Lesotho Prime Minister Sam Matekane: