Some Free State revellers concerned over flouting of COVID-19 safety rules

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The authorities in the Free State have vowed to tighten their grip on compliance measures as popular venues in Bloemfontein were flooded with night-time revellers who disregarded COVID-19 health protocols.

More than 83 000 confirmed cases have been recorded in the Free State and over 3 600 COVID-19-related fatalities.



Revellers in Bloemfontein have expressed concerns at the high number of people who are allowed inside the entertainment venues. Many of the party-goers say COVID-19 health protocols are being disregarded.

They are now forced to strike the balance between killing the boredom and avoiding contracting the virus.

“Some of them they allow them to go inside in the club without masks and some of them they don’t even have sanitiser you see,” one resident says.

“I feel like there’s no compliance in the club cause we were all crowded and then. I feel like the protocols of COVID are not followed and then,” another resident says.


Experts have warned of a possible third wave of infections, but party-goers are undeterred.

“What can we say there’s no compliance at all, there’s no social distancing. No one is wearing masks so there’s no compliance at all,” says one partygoer.

Mangaung Metro spokesperson, Qondile Khedama, says they will ensure that the COVID-19 health protocols are adhered to.

“We have visited a number of areas and we found that most of them they do try their level best, they are selling on site. They are trying to the numbers but there are of because other areas where we visited and we have released that there’s no compliance. We have talked to the owners our intention is not to persecute, but to try and enforce regulations. But at the same time, we also have to give people an opportunity to start becoming active in their businesses and make sure that at the same time they do take care of their health,” says Khedama.

Concerns raised over bars and clubs not complying with COVID-19 regulations in Bloemfontein: