President Cyril Ramaphosa told members of Parliament that the sixth administration is committed to building what he calls a ‘social compact’, among various role players to take the country forward.

Ramaphosa is delivering the Presidency Budget Vote in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

He dedicated parts of his speech to what the late former President Nelson Mandela stood for to encourage reconciliation.

His budget vote speech comes a day before the world will be celebrating International Mandela Day on Thursday.

“Nelson Mandela firmly believed that our country’s fortunes depend on the actions of a collective; that is all of us. And he said that none of us, acting alone, can achieve success. We must, therefore, act together as a united people, ‘for national reconciliation, for the birth of a new world.’ This sixth administration is committed to maintaining the momentum for harmonious collective existence and building a social compact amongst various role-players in our country to take our country forward.”

Ramaphosa also called on parliamentarians and citizens to emulate Madiba by among other things, promoting tolerance.

“And so, in this Mandela month, I would like to invite everyone to take a moment to commit themselves to keeping Madiba’s legacy alive in both word and in deed. The legacy of humanism, of friendship, of fellowship, of decency, of partnership and of tolerance. It is these universal and timeless values that will guide us along the part towards the South Africa that we want.”

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