Shiko says looking forward to play in Men netball Premier League

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South Africa President’s Stars male team player Mokaila Shiko is looking forward to competing in the Netball Premier League that will commence this Friday at Rembrandt Hall at the University of Pretoria.

The male team will compete in the league for the first time in history. There will be 13 teams overall, 10 provincial teams (two from Gauteng), Spar Smileys, Zimbabwe and the male team.

The male team will only play exhibition matches against Zimbabwe and Smileys team that comprises of locally based national team players.

The Smileys players are preparing for the upcoming World Cup in Liverpool in July. Shiko says their physical endurance will not give them advantage over female.

The Premier League will take place in the next five weeks at the same venue. Zimbabwe will be the guest team in the tournament.

They will also be playing in the tournament to prepare for the World Cup. Shiko is looking forward to playing against them. – Report by Vincent Sitsula