Scuffle ensues outside EFF offices

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Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema has issued a warning to a group of men who descended on the party’s headquarters in Johannesburg ahead of its media briefing.

A scuffle ensued at the headquarters between a group of white men and some black men who are believed to be EFF members.

The altercation occurred just days after Malema’s chants of “Shoot to Kill” and “Kill the Boer, the Farmer” at the EFF’s 10th anniversary sparked widespread debate.

“Those ones who came earlier, they must thank their God. They must try it again, they must thank their God. It’s not a playful area here. You can argue your politics wherever you do, don’t come here. We never go to anyone’s offices, we never interfere with anyone’s programmes but we are not going to be undermined. We have got everything we need to protect this office , everything and we will defend it with our lives.” 

2024 elections

Meanwhile, the EFF says it is gearing up for next year’s elections, which it says are the most important elections since the first democratic poll in 1994.

Malema earlier briefed the media on the outcomes of all its activities that culminated in a rally on Saturday to mark the party’s 10th anniversary.

He says the party’s ability to fill the FNB stadium in Soweto, to capacity during the rally, was a feat the party was proud of.

“There were 97 436 attendees inside the stadium at the 10th anniversary rally of the EFF at FNB stadium. There were more than 6 000 at an overflow, which in total accounts to more than hundred thousand people who attended the rally of the EFF physically. The EFF now calls on all its structures not to let the momentum gained from the 10th anniversary celebration to dwindle but use it to maximise all efforts towards helping our people and total victory in the 2024 elections.”

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