Misuse of state security threatens hard-earned democracy: Steenhuisen

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Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen has warned that the abuse of the state security apparatus to threaten the media will destroy South Africa’s hard-earned democracy.

Steenhuisen’s comments follow reports over the weekend that the State Security Agency (SSA) wanted to conduct a polygraph test on the SABC’s Group Executive for News and Current Affairs, Moshoeshoe Monare, just weeks before the general elections.

Steenhuisen led a march against corruption and fraud in Klerksdorp in the North West on Monday.

“Now they are using the State Security Agency as a tool to intimidate the media and to intimidate the opposition. Just two weeks after Ramaphosa and that leaked recording was heard saying we are going to deal with people who report negatively on his government,” he explains. 

“Goodness me, the media is not reporting negatively. They are showing what South Africa looks like on the ground. That’s the job of the media. It will destroy our democracy if our media are put under threat once again by a government who abuses the security apparatus of the state to achieve political objectives,” adds Steenhuisen.

Some Klerksdorp residents say they refuse to allow themselves to be used as political pawns as parties visit the area only during election periods.

“Firstly, our roads are a mess both in the town and the township. It’s like we have no leaders. Secondly, Jouberton is full of sewage and third is unemployment.”

“All the money is wasted in the tender system. Government must take back their role and provide services because right now there is no service delivery because of the tenders,” says a resident.

The video below is reporting on the march: