South African Revenue Services (SARS) says it has identified and is fixing problems on its e-filing platform.

Taxpayers have been experiencing problems with e-filing their tax returns since the new tax season kicked off on Monday.

Senior SARS specialist Marcia Ujobolo says the high volumes of people using e-filing and the newly-introduced mobile App is one of the reasons for the glitches.

She says the calculation button specifically had issues which they are trying to resolve.

Ujobolo says they are encouraged by the high number of submissions they are receiving on the App.

“The system issues that we have, picked up a lot of them have been on the e-filling platform. We have received a lot of incidents both from our branches and the contact centre which have all been logged. And we have prioritised all the fixes that need to go in. So, on a day-to-day basis, there are fixes that are going in.”