SARS acting commissioner pleased with tax collected in 2017/2018 financial year

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South African Revenue Services (Sars) Acting Commissioner Mark Kingon says he is pleased with the amount of tax collected in the 2017/2018 financial year. Earlier on Tuesday,  Finance Minister Nhlahla Nene announced that Sars had managed to improve its revenue collection to R1.2 trillion, an increase of 6.3 per cent from the previous fiscal year.

Kingon says non-compliance still remains a challenge for the revenue collecting agency.

“ I think we do need to review the whole regime of administrative penalties that are there for non-submission of returns. Currently it’s only in place in so far as personal income tax is concerned. We need to look at what we are going to do to enforce the submission of returns of VAT and PAYE and company tax returns and it is really unacceptable when you start looking at the number of company’s returns. These are legal entities that are simply ignoring their obligations.”

Kingon has urged companies to fulfil their duty by collecting and submitting PAYE returns timeously.

“We need also to work with various departments within the Justice Cluster to see how to use their system because to not pay your PAYE is a criminal offence and we need to understand that and we need people to be aware of that. But the first leg and I’m always emphasising this, that is one of education and we need to educate the public again of their obligations.”

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