The South African Policing Union (SAPU) has called on Police Minister, Bheki Cele to cancel firearm amnesty.

The union has labelled it problematic and claims it undermines accountability.


This comes after Cele declared a firearm amnesty period between the first of December and May 31st. This allows for individuals to hand over their illegal or unwanted firearms to various police stations across the country.


All the surrendered guns will undergo ballistic tests to check if they haven’t been used in the commission of a crime.


National Spokesperson, Oscar Skommere says, “We are opposed to this firearm amnesty as we feel it undermines accountability. We are also opposed to processes that will legitimise lawlessness. The minister must not give mercy to criminals. The country is grappling with violent crimes because of illegal firearms.”

Taking advantage of the Amnesty

This week, an arms dealer handed in close to 300 guns and about 3000 rounds of ammunition to the Linden Police Station in Johannesburg.

Chris Van Den Bergh decided to take advantage of the Firearm Amnesty, where people are being urged to surrender illegal and unwanted guns.

“I don’t want them anymore. I could hand them in anytime because it’s not stolen guns. It’s not illegal firearms. They are not illegal in my possession, it’s just that I don’t want them anymore. They don’t have commercial value. I can’t sell it. I give it to the police to destroy it. I could do it anytime, it’s convenient to do it now.”