SANTACO, Western Cape government in heated debate over impounded taxis

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A heated debate has ensued between SANTACO First Deputy Chairperson, Nceba Enge and Western Cape Minister for Transport, Ricardo Mackenzie during a media briefing at the provincial legislature in Cape Town on the impounding of taxis that led to a week-long violent taxi strike.

Taxi services have resumed in the Western Cape after the stay-away which was called off last night.

SANTACO has blamed authorities for the repossession of their vehicles by financial institutions after they were impounded because operators could not make money.

Looting and community unrest broke out during the stay-way.

Enge says 488 vehicles were impounded during the past year while 309 of those are in the process of being repossessed.

“What the MEC is saying is exactly what we could not agree to and we are not going to agree on that because we will never say that our vehicles should be impounded for such offences and I have just said that that will make things very difficult for this task team,” says Enge.