A captain in the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) has been found guilty of contravening the Protection of Information Act by the civil court in Pretoria.

In a plea deal agreement, 62 year-old Captain Bradley Langford Morris, who was also a former Staff Officer at Defence Intelligence, admitted to having illegally supplied sensitive and classified information to foreign intelligence services, certain journalists and members of the defence related industry.

Details of the type of information and the foreign intelligence services who received it, have not been released.

“The member was fined R10 000 for six months or an imprisonment for five years which was suspended and was instructed to pay the legal cost of the state. The member himself pleaded guilty and we had a plead deal agreement where he disclosed that he did indeed illegally supply classified information to various people including certain journalists,” says SANDF Head of Communications Simphiwe Dlamini.