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SAFTU laments petrol price increase on Worker’s Day

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The South African Federation of Trade Unions (SAFTU) leader, Mosima Maredi has spoken out against the petrol price increase. Maredi says it’s worrying that government has increased the price of petrol on Workers’ Day.

The petrol price has increased by 37 cents per litre with effect from midnight. Mosima says the petrol price increase coupled with high food prices and rolling blackouts will further erode the 4.7% salary increase for civil servants. She was speaking during the Workers’ Day celebrations in Seshego near Polokwane in Limpopo.

“Workers are very angry because it was announced around Monday. If am not mistaken that petrol will go high today. And remember workers we only given 4.7%. What is it that they are going to do with 4.7%? We are saying enough is enough. We are saying do away with this budget cut so that workers can afford and afford in their families a basket of food.”

Petrol up, diesel down 30 April 2024:

The labour federation has also expressed concerns about the vacant teachers’ posts in Limpopo. Maredi says government’s on-going budget cuts are to blame.

Last month, the Basic Education Department announced that there are over 31 000 vacant teachers’ positions across the country.

Limpopo accounts for over 4 000 positions.

“Government is not filling the posts because they are cutting budgets. The National Department of Education must give the Limpopo government money so that Limpopo teachers can be hired and not loiter the streets so they can be hired for permanent not contracts.”