SABC board reassures staff as COVID-19 fears rock the public broadcaster

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The SABC Board has rejected claims that management put workers at risk of exposure to the coronavirus by concealing information about a staff member who had been exposed to the pandemic.

The board has assured workers and the public that necessary precautionary measures were swiftly taken, whenever there were any suspicions of external exposure to the coronavirus affecting a staff member. These include employees being asked to self-isolate and work from home, while tests are being conducted.

On Saturday, the public broadcaster confirmed that a second employee had tested positive for COVID-19, this time at the Johannesburg building.

The first case was reported at the Kimberly office, in the Northern Cape. That office has since been temporarily closed.

In the video below, SABC confirms that one of its employees in Kimberley tested positive for COVID-19:

The board has urged workers’ union, BEMAWU, to stop peddling alarmist and false information.

It says the public broadcaster planned well ahead of the disaster and lockdown period and instituted crucial measures for the safety of all staff members.