SABC Bill gives Communications Minister expanded authority

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Director of Media Monitoring Africa, William Bird, has strongly criticised the SABC Bill saying it gives the Communications Minister new and increased powers, among other things.

The Bill has been approved by the Cabinet and is to be subject to public comment.

Bird describes the SABC Bill as “an abomination”. He says the bill is horrific, illogical, utterly unsuited to its stated purpose and would see the SABC end as a public broadcaster.

Funding model

Support Public Broadcasting Coalition (SOS) says the absence of a new and viable funding model for the SABC has negatively affected its revenue.

The SOS says the proposed SABC Bill, which the Cabinet has approved, is long overdue.

The Bill seeks to reform the existing funding model of the SABC including changing the television licence collection method.

The SOS National Co-ordinator Uyanda Siyotula says SABC urgently needs a workable funding model.

Siyotula says, “I think the major issue now is the funding model. The SABC does not have a workable funding model. We know that the TV licence model is not working. We have seen how much money the SABC has lost over the years.”

“Recently the (Communications) Minister Mondli Gungubele reported that R 44 billion has actually been lost in TV licences because people do not want to pay. So now we need a new model that enforces and gets people to actually pay for this public service, just as they are paying for other public services they receive,  such as water and electricity.”

VIDEO: SABC suffers a loss of approximately R1,4 billion for the 2022/2023 financial year