SAA pilots threaten strike action

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The South African Airways (SAA) Pilots Association and a majority of its members say they are in favour of strike action to force change at the struggling national carrier.

The association says it had been long pushing for the appointment of a skilled permanent CEO to save SAA from ruin.

If the strike does go ahead, it will be the first pilot strike in 80 years.

The SAA Pilots Association’s spokesperson and retired SAA captain, John Harty, says the association does not have confidence in the current leadership at the airline.

“We have too many persons in SAA that we believe are incompetent in top leadership positions. The same people are in place now that were in place during the Dudu Myeni years that got us into this trouble and they are still there trying to get us out of this trouble. It just doesn’t make any sense. We’ve called for a skills audit to assess the top two levels of management of SAA to benchmark them internationally, an independent skills audit. If we do have competent management and have it to replace them with those who can do the job. We don’t have confidence in some members of the board and some members in the executive leadership of the SAA that is true. We have no confidence in the interim CEO as a CEO.”

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