South African Environment Minister Edna Molewa says the country remains committed to including even more nuclear energy in its energy mix.

She was speaking at a meeting of the environment ministers of South Africa, Brazil, China and India in Durban.

The BASIC grouping comprises of the world’s leading developing nations. They reiterated calls for the developed world to give greater financial support to developing countries for climate change adaptation strategies.

Molewa says government supports nuclear energy with safe practices.

“We have coal, gas, nuclear… we are expecting a production of 9k megawatts 2023 thereabout. The first phase is kicking in. That’s in terms of the expectation and the policy imperatives. By the way, where we are sitting right now in these lights, there is nuclear, So that won’t be a new thing…. Our concern in nuclear is the waste, how we will dispose the waste. Those are the dangerous stuff we always have to have our eye on.”