Renewed calls for protection of whistleblowers and their families

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There have been renewed calls this time from the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, an organisation called Whistle-blowers House and an academic, for a government agency to be set up to look after the protection and compensation of whistleblowers and their families.

There have been a number of murders of people who’ve exposed malfeasance and corruption. The cases are unresolved.

Two prominent cases are that of Moss Phakoe, a North West anti-corruption activist and Gauteng health official, Babita Deokaran.

Professor Tina Uys from the University of Johannesburg believes something must be done urgently.

“Various ways of providing support for whistleblowers must be considered and especially during disclosure because that’s when they suffer retaliation. And one of the things I would like to suggest is that a Whistleblower Complaints Authority must be established as a Chapter 9 institution. (It) should be implemented so that whistleblowers can have an organisation that looks at their situation that they can approach,” Uys explains.

Video – Ahmed Kathrada Foundation reacts to Section 89 panel of independent experts report: