Ramaphosa wants urgent solutions to the electricity crisis: The Presidency

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The Presidency says President Cyril Ramaphosa wants urgent solutions to South Africa’s protracted electricity crisis.

Reports say some major announcements related to the crisis are expected to be made in the Cabinet meeting which Ramaphosa will chair on Wednesday.

The power utility has ramped up stages of rolling blackouts, which reached stage six at the weekend.

It may reduce the rolling blackouts to stage four by Thursday.

Ramaphosa has returned home after cutting short his international trip amid South Africa’s unresolved electricity problems.

Presidential spokesperson Vincent Magwenya says, “We can do things quicker than we are doing now and that’s what the President has been demanding and continues to demand from his team. And that’s the reason behind the Energy Crisis Committee, to ensure that those things happen.”

He says, “Another unfortunate thing is that two power stations that we built had design flaws and have not been able to have all the units from Kusile and Medupi to be able to add power to the grid. Once those issues are resolved, we should see some stability in the grid.”

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