South Africa and Nigeria have vowed to work together to address challenges facing the two countries. The two continental giants met in Pretoria as Nigeria’s president Muhamadu Buhari is on a state visit to the country.

While trade relations were at the centre of the talks, the recent events including attacks of foreign nationals and the reprisals in Nigeria dominated proceedings.

President Buhari is the first president to undertake a state visit to the country since the election of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Buhari, himself, has only been installed recently for his second term.

While the two acknowledge recent difficulties, they know they need each other.

Not only are they the two biggest economies in Africa, South Africa imports billions of rands worth of oil, while Nigeria hosts more than hundred companies from South Africa. Co-existence is unavoidable.

These countries have agreed to put in systems that will warn of any impending danger to the their relationship.

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