Ramaphosa slams DA run Tshwane municipality for water challenges

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African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa has slammed Democratic Alliance (DA) run Tshwane municipality for not resolving water challenges in Mamelodi Phase 4.

Ramaphosa visited the area on Sunday to assess voter readiness in the final voter registration weekend.

Residents in Phase 4 say that they have been without water for close to four years.

Voter Registration I Mamelodi residents complain of water challenges:

Ramaphosa says that Mamelodi water challenges will now be addressed at the national level.

“And they are the ones who are supposed to be cleaning up the township providing water and making sure that the township functions well. This is where the DA says that it governs better, I have not seen any good governance here. The people of Tshwane, the people of Mamelodi are really having challenges. We are going to address water challenges from national level.”