Question about my citizenship is offensive: Gigaba

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Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba has told the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) that it was offensive to question whether he is a South African citizen or not.

Gigaba has been testifying before the Eskom parliamentary inquiry into alleged state capture. EFF MP Marshall Dlamini wanted to know where Gigaba was born.

There have been media reports and claims made by former African National Congress (ANC) MP Vytjie Mentor that Gigaba was born in Zimbabwe.

This was during the interaction between Dlamini and Gigaba at the inquiry.

“Your Citizenship is questionable. So can you respond to this question, where were you born and where was your father born,” inquired Dlamini.

“Honourable member I find your question quite peculiar, extremely peculiar, offensive to my family, offensive to my father who is late. Offensive to my mother, offensive to my father who was born at Nqabeni Embonela where my clan has lived for hundreds of years, where if you go now, you will find members of my clan living on the lands of the fathers of the fathers of our fathers have lived. Our home where the spirit of my grand fathers still live,” responded Gigaba.