The National Consumer Commission has warned the public against disposing off ready-to-eat processed food products in the light of Listeriosis outbreak.

Yesterday, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi announced that Enterprise Foods and Rainbow Chicken’s products such as polony, russians, chicken sausages and viennas were the source of Listeriosis which has claimed 180 lives.

The commission says the products should not be thrown in a bin, but instead stored away safely until authorities announce how they should be disposed of.

The commission’s Thezi Mabuza says the public will know later today following their meeting with the concerned companies.

“The companies will tell us exactly who their distribution agencies are and people who they normally sell to and those will be the people wherein the products will be collected. Because instead of using a normal dumping like you’d do with a municipal dumping, you’d create another hazard again, so we’d work with those companies, make those modalities clear. But for now all we’re asking of the public is that pack them away, pack them safely, and then with the announcement you’ll be told exactly what to do with those products.”

Meanwhile, the Consumer Goods Council of South Africa says it’s satisfied with the way stakeholders have responded to the latest information on the outbreak of Listeriosis.

This after revelations that origins of listeriosis were traced to three plants in Polokwane, Gauteng and the Free State.

The council’s Matlou Setati says, “It is commendable what the retailers are doing … They have removed everything from their shelves and they are willing to take any stock that is returned to them with or without a receipt.”

Also take note of the following foods that can be infected with listeria:

The department of Health has released a document with Listeriosis Frequently Asked Questions: