Protests across South Africa in condemnation of Israel’s attacks on Palestinians in Gaza

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Several pickets and demonstrations are being held across South Africa on Tuesday, including at Parliament in Cape Town, in condemnation of Israel’s attacks on Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

The attacks have led to the killing of 23 people, including nine children and 107 wounded by Israeli strikes in the destitute enclave since clashes surged on Monday.

Hamas on Monday fired on the Jerusalem area from Gaza for the first time since a 2014 war, causing no casualties but crossing what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a “red line” which, he said, would spell fighting “that could last a while”.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said it would keep fighting “as long as the Occupation (Israel) does not end all forms of aggression and terrorism in Jerusalem and Al-Asqa mosque”.

Director of Africa4Palestine, Muhammed Desai, says the protests are also aimed at condemning the recent forcible removals of Palestinian families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem.

“As Africa4Palestine, we are calling for members of our community and members of our public to join us in solidarity with the Palestinian people. A people who once gave us support during the darkest days of apartheid. At the same time, we’re calling on our South African government to take firmer actions to hold Israel accountable for its violations of International Law, both locally as well as at international forums.”

The Israeli military said its air defence shot down around 90% of rockets that crossed the Gaza border. It also said the civilian toll in Gaza may have been due to Palestinian rockets falling short.

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