Prince Buthelezi respected the state and its institutions: Ramaphosa

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The late Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi has been lauded for having respect for authority.  

President Cyril Ramaphosa delivered his eulogy at Buthelezi’s funeral service at the Prince Buthelezi Regional stadium in Ulundi north of Durban earlier today.  

The late founding President of the IFP has been the longest serving Member of Parliament from 1994 until 2023 serving under all five president of South Africa.  

President Ramaphosa praised Buthelezi for the respect he had for the state and its institutions.   

 “He was not a man who let burning issues slide. And he was unafraid to speak truth to power. And yet, as I have said, the spirit of cameraderie, respect, empathy and understanding of the immense difficulties we face in rebuilding this country, defined all our interactions. He had respect for the authority of the state and defended the institutions of our democratic order.” 

VIDEO | Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi | President Ramaphosa delivers eulogy: