Preserving Indigenous languages through literature is being celebrated by three Durban authors. Among them, 24-year-old, Zakhele Mazibuko.

His book “Usulu” is a collection of short stories and poems celebrating the Zulu culture and traditions.

The book launch also coincides with UNESCO’s Year of Indigenous Languages.

Mazibuko says he wants to encourage youth to read more.

“Usulu means complex. Like, I mean something I don’t say, like you say something you don’t mean. It’s like being sarcastic to somebody that is vain. As a new generation, many youth don’t want to study. They start to do drugs.”

“They have freedom and they misuse their freedom. I am trying to revive their hope within them. You can read something and it’s either you are willing to change or you are not willing. It’s either you take it or leave it,” he adds.