Postbank assures Sassa grant recipients despite card expiry

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Postbank has reiterated that Sassa grant beneficiaries will receive their grants despite the expiration date on their cards.

Many social grant recipients were concerned about whether they would still be able to access their money using the expired cards.

Postbank Spokesperson Bongani Diako says the new card will be launched in March along with the details of the card replacement programme.

Diako says there is no need to panic, we can assure you that all expired SASSA Gold Cards will continue to work in 2024 – and beneficiaries will continue to receive their money in these expired cards.

“Postbank is the only institution that’s authorised to replace the Sassa cards and we will be rolling out this programme just after the elections. But we just wanted to notify all beneficiaries that the cards that you’ve got in your hand, irrespective of the expiry date written on it continue to work.”

Diako urges recipients who have misplaced or had their Sassa gold card stolen to visit the nearest post office for a replacement.

“We want to assure all social grant beneficiaries that you will always be paid your grant money on time every month in your expired Sassa gold cards. Alternatively, use any bank atm. Post bank will be stopping the payments of cash inside post offices and CPPs between January and March 2024.”