Post Office retrenchments will not affect operations: BRP

Post Office
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Business Rescue Practitioner (BRP) at the South African Post Office, Anoosh Rooplal says their plan to retrench workers will not affect the operations at the state-owned entity.

This comes after rescue practitioners stated their plan to retrench 6 000 workers at the Post Office and close down 420 branches, after it was put in provisional liquidation earlier this year.

Rooplal says the plan aims to implement the turn around on cost savings.

He says job losses are necessary in this regard.

Rooplal says, “If we look at some of the duplications and overlaps in operations over the years, there were approximately over 1 800 branches and that’s gradually reducing. What that has done is allowed distribution for an overlay or a duplication of resources.”

“We also looking at modernizing the Post Office, ultimating various aspects of it and of course when one applies market metrics or ratios according to staff and revenue numbers for example, this is where we end up in terms of the analysis,” he adds.

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