Police search for two escaped suspects after Mariannhill shootout

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Police in KwaZulu-Natal have launched a manhunt for two suspects who escaped the gun battle in Mariannhill west of Durban this morning.

This comes after a shootout between the police and the other nine suspects who were wanted in connection various crimes.

Nine suspects were shot and fatally wounded. The suspects were also on the police’s radar for serious and violent crimes in the area.

“When we caught wind of where they were, we operated in the early hours of today and when we arrived in Mariannhill, Desai, we mistakenly knocked at the wrong house and the next thing we heard gunshots coming from the opposite house. That’s where our police had to take cover and find a way to return fire and a gun fight ensued. After that, that’s when nine suspects were shot and fatally wounded. We were initially looking for a group of 11 suspects but only nine were found in the house, so that means two are still outstanding and a manhunt for them has been launched,” says Provincial police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda.