Plato urges SAPS to prevent planned shutdown in Cape Town Metro

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Cape Town Mayor Dan Plato has urged the South African Police Service to prevent Monday’s planned shutdown in the City of Cape Town Metro. He says the organisers intend to terrorise law-abiding residents.

In a statement, Plato says it cannot be that a so-called shutdown is announced and promoted in advance by opportunistic political groupings. He says police must stop the organisers in their tracks.

The Cape Coloured People’s Congress says it plans to shut down operations in protest against, among others things, poor service delivery in coloured communities and unemployment.

Mayoral member for Safety and Security, JP Smith says the City of Cape Town will act against the violent protests, including the obstruction of access to public roads and the vandalism of infrastructure.

He says violent service delivery protests lead to a waste of public funds that could be used elsewhere.

“The City respects the rights of citizens to protest on condition that those protests are non-violent and peaceful, and respectful of the rights for others to access public spaces and public roads. Protests must take place lawfully in terms of the Gatherings Act and must not violate the rights of the public.”


As the People’s Congress plans to shut down the City, a warning has been given on which areas the protest will take place and how violent it can be.

SABC News has seen a letter circulating on social media in which one of the law enforcement bodies warns that violent protests could start as early as 04:00 on Monday. A video circulating on social media displays how the protesting group intends to shut down the metro.

A warning has been given in the letter by the law enforcement body that road closures could be seen on the N1, N2, R300 and the N7.

People travelling on these routes are warned to expect delays and be aware of possible stone-throwing and petrol bombing.

A further warning is given that while Houtbay and Khayelitsha are the hotspots for land occupation. This could spread to areas such as Mannenberg, Eerste Rivier, Masiphumelele and Mitchell’s Plain. Possible intimidation on public transport could also be expected.