Peter Magubane’s memorial service to be held today in Soweto

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The memorial service for the anti-apartheid activist and photographer, Dr Peter Magubane, is expected to be held at the Regina Mundi Catholic Church in Soweto this afternoon.

Magubane died earlier this month at the age of 91.

He is internationally acclaimed for his work, depicting the struggle of the black majority under the draconian apartheid regime.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has accorded the struggle icon a Special Official Provincial Funeral Category Two.

Magubane was born on January 18, 1932, and grew up in Sophiatown, Johannesburg.

His passion for photography developed after his father, Isaac, gifted the young, keen photographer with a camera.

Magubane would then go on to use his lens to capture and expose the atrocities of apartheid South Africa.

“I will fight apartheid with my camera. I know the pictures will go all over the world and the world will see how South Africa operates,” said Magubane.

With his camera, he captured many defining moments of South African history including the Treason Trial, the 1956 Women’s March, the 1976 Student Uprising and the transition into democratic South Africa.

This legacy will be reflected upon during the memorial service of the struggle icon.

Video: Looking back at Peter Magubane’s historic 1976 photos: