PA’s support for DA puts Trollip motion of no confidence on edge

The Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Patriotic Alliance councillor, Marlon Daniels.
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The Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Patriotic Alliance councillor, Marlon Daniels says they’ll not back down on the decision to support the DA, despite the mayoral position offer.

Daniels says political parties visited him last night, offering him the mayoral position, should he help successfully remove executive mayor Athol Trollip.

The motion of no confidence in Trollip tabled by the EFF will be debated during Thursday’s council meeting.

Daniels says their best interests are now with the residents of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.

“They came to my private residence, to come and see me and left at about 2h00 in the morning, after my president released the statement that we are going to support the DA tomorrow. They came there, offering me the position of mayor, should I decide to assist in the removal of mayor Athol Trollip tomorrow.

“Now, if my memory serves me well, and I trust it does, just this week it was the very same party who went public and said throw the PA a bone and they’ll jump at it. Last night they came with that big bone, we never jumped.”

Meanwhile, the ANC in the Eastern Cape say it’s not shaken by the Patriotic Alliance’s decision to support the DA in the motion of no confidence . ANC provincial spokesperson Gift Ngqondi says they will work with other smaller parties to unseat Trollip.