Panayiotou awaits fate for wife’s murder

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Businessman and murder accused, Christopher Panayiotou, will on Thursday know whether he has been found guilty for allegedly orchestrating the murder and abduction of his wife Jayde in April 2015.

Judge Dayalin Chetty is expected to hand down judgment at the Port Elizabeth High Court.

Panayiotou’s co-accused Zolani Sibeko and Sinethemba Nenembe will also hear their fate.

This week, the court heard closing arguments from both the defence lawyers where the state prosecutor Marias Stander’s argument, witnesses and the evidence brought by the state were discredited.

Panayiotou’s defence lawyer Terry Price also continued to cast doubt on the undercover video that implicates his client to this murder.

He also added that police used underhanded tactics such as assault when witnesses were interrogated.

The co-accused’s lawyer Peter Dauberman also discredited the cellphone evidence implicating his clients saying the state’s arguments is based on circumstantial evidence.