De Ruyter survives cyanide poisoning

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Outgoing Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter has confirmed that there was an attempt on his life following his resignation in December last year.

The power utility boss says doctors found a high level of cyanide in his blood a day after tendering his resignation.

Cyanide is a potentially lethal chemical that can exist in a variety of forms. You could be exposed to cyanide by breathing cyanide-contaminated air or drinking cyanide-contaminated water.

According to a report by Chris Yelland, an energy analyst, publisher and journalist, De Ruyter was attended by doctors after drinking a cup of coffee at his office in Megawatt Park in Sandton on December 13.

“After drinking a cup of coffee in his office he suddenly felt dizzy and disoriented, vomiting and shaking uncontrollably De Ruyter fell on the floor paralysed. He had to be rushed to his doctor by security personnel dedicated to him,” Yelland explains.

Video: Reports of murder attempt to outgoing Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter

De Ruyter’s resignation came after continued calls for him to step down amid rolling blackouts reaching Stage 6 load shedding. He was appointed Eskom’s CEO in December 2019.