The Cango wildlife ranch at Oudtshoorn in the little Karoo is experiencing an animal baby boom. Several new babies have been delivered at the facility in recent weeks.  They include Cheetahs, Lemurs and Egypian Geese, some of them on the vulnerable and endangered list.

“We started off by having a couple of Egypian Geese born early in September. They a little bit bigger now and recently we’ve had a little baby Springbok which is just across the road from our facility at our breeding centre and then we also have 2 babies born to our large flying foxes,” said ranch marketing manager, Charleen Boshoff.

The arrival of five African cheetah cubs has been the most thrilling. They are protected due to the loss of their habitat. The facility prides itself on its cheetah breeding programme.

“The purpose of this programme is basically to maintain healthy bloodlines, on an international level, which will then help secure the future for the species. Currently their natural population is in decline, as well as their natural habitats… so these 5 cubs that were born here at our facility earlier on this year is a big advantage, not only to our population that we have in house, but to the population internationally,” said assistant zoological manager, Craig Gouws.

For 30 years the Cango wildlife ranch has worked tirelessly for the conservation of cheetah and other endangered species.