Nzuza concerned about movement of people at Kwa-Phuza border

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The Home Affairs Deputy Minister Njabulo Nzuza has raised concerns about the movement of people on the South African and Mozambique route in Manguzi, northern KwaZulu-Natal. Nzuza visited the Kwa-Phuza border to assess the progress made in establishing a community crossing point.

The smuggling of counterfeit goods, drugs, illegal weapons and vehicles are serious concerns in areas like Manguzi and Jozini. Some vendors from South Africa and Mozambique use Gate 6 as their trading spot. Nzuza says it is important for people to cross the border legally.

“We are worried about the easy movement of people within that border. And we are surely going to put means in place where we can facilitate the movement of people in a legal manner because what we seek to do is to make sure that people who are moving in between the countries move do in a legal manner not in an illegal manner because the issue of illegal immigrants is a very serious problem in the country.”